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My Recommendations

Gain FREE access to supplement recommendations, including dosages and frequency, hand picked by Alexa, as well as worksheets and pamphlets bursting with hints and tips.


Simply send an email to alexa@navigatingnutrients, with one of the topics below as the subject line. I will then add you to my online pharmacy where you can have supplements delivered straight to your door!


Find it hard to fall asleep or stay asleep?

Find tips and supplements that support a good nights sleep.

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Calm down! Support mindfulness and staying centered.

Implement these lifestyle changes and mental nutrient support for a more centered mind-frame 

Image by Uday Mittal


Support for those with underactive thyroids.

Find supplements for those that have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism or Hashimoto's here.

The photo of thyroid is on the human body, Women thyroid gland control. Sore throat of a p


Need some pep in your step?

Add these supplements and day habits into your routine to nurture your body, allowing it to create it's own energy!

Image by Adrian Swancar



Keep your gut's microbiome happy and healthy!

Discover the products that Alexa uses personally and that work the best!

Image by Frank Flores

Cold & Flu

Feeling down? Discover how to support your immune system.

Incorporate these nutrients to aid in your healing process.

Image by Brittany Colette


Do you need extra support for your musculoskeleton?

Find handouts on osteoporosis and collagen here as well as recommended supplements for healthy bones.

Image by Nino Liverani


Got the blues? Support your mental health with these essential nutrients.

Learn more about how nutrition and lifestyle effect your mood, and boost it with select supplements.

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