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Alexa Aboudaram

Alexa is a nutrition expert who devotes herself to her clients to make healthier and more confident food choices. Alexa studied at the Nutritional Therapy Association, obtained a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner certification, and holds a bachelor of science in Biology from Mississippi State University. After years of professional work, research, personal experience, and educating others about nutrition, Navigating Nutrients was born.

Navigating Nutrients is based on scientific research and experimental knowledge. Alexa's business module is built on the basis that we are all unique, each requiring different nutrients for optimal health. Her passion is identifying and guiding her clients through sustenance, lifestyle habits, and overall confidence of choice. She recognizes that food dictates how people feel and function; therefore, her protocols start with nourishment. In addition to seeing clients one-on-one, Alexa enjoys educating the public through her biweekly subscription and reels

My Story

From Zookeeper to Nutritionist

I was living in a fog, experiencing debilitating fatigue, underwent half a dozen surgeries, and had a list of questions my doctors couldn't answer. 

It began when I was an exotic zookeeper. I loved my job! Running around feeding giraffes, lions, and baboons kept me active and outside. As a result, I viewed myself as healthy. I ate a salad almost daily and cooked at home several times a week. Of course, pizza, cereal, and fast food were still a part of my diet, but why not? I was doing fine. (Sound familiar?)

Fast forward two years, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease (an autoimmune disease of the thyroid), prescribed medication (which would increase as I got older), and told there was nothing I could do about it. What a shock! I felt helpless and "doomed" to my symptoms and medication forever. 


Throughout the following year, my medication dose tripled, yet I was feeling worse than ever. I received a second, third, and fourth opinion, with the same result each time. I was frustrated that my body seemed like it was falling apart so young. In addition, everywhere I turned, there was conflicting information about the right way to eat and how it affected one's health. (Ever felt confused by all the "health noise" as I did?) 

I refused to stand idly by; I wanted to take charge of my health and find the truth. So I started researching on my own soon after enrolling in the Nutritional Therapy Association. What I learned throughout my studies was life-changing. Finally, I could decipher what I was sensitive to and my deficiency. While being perfectly acceptable for the next person, what I ate was wreaking havoc on my body because of MY specific needs. 

My journey to better health was a long and complex one. Now I help others navigate a path through the confusion surrounding nutrition and food that I once felt. I had to do this independently, but you don't have to!

I work with clients to discover the nourishment for their biology so they can confidently enjoy guilt-free meals. If you are ready for change, no matter how big or small, I will be there to guide you on your nutritional journey.

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